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My Brother's House: Men & Women's Sober Living - Our Commitment

1. We are committed to a zero-tolerance policy. Drug and alcohol abstinence is mandatory in our homes. We are not treatment centers. We are recovery homes intended for those who want to recover. If clients choose to use drugs or alcohol, we empathize with their struggle; however, in the interest of our mission, the consequence is immediate dismissal.

2. We will always carefully consider the needs of our partners, our managers, and our clients when making decisions.

3. We are committed to supporting our clients in building a foundation in recovery and assisting residents in their transition to becoming useful and productive members of society. We will not work anyone's program; however we do require that our clients be actively involved in a 12 step program.

4. We are committed to not overcrowding. We provide large homes with ample space. My Brother's houses are limited to two tenants per room. Additionally, My Brother's houses offer meditation rooms and/or quiet areas.

5. We are committed to having weekly house meetings that consist of a text study from the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous followed by discussion and resolution of any house issues.

For Men & Women's Sober Living Home information: 412-537-0145


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